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#206: Student Health Center

Molly V. thinks that the Student Health Center is awesome, especially because they provide “FREE MEDICINE! If you’re sick you don’t even need an appointment to get free medicine.  A lot of students think that you can’t get medicine if … Continue reading

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#205: Langmuir D2

Campus Residences staff members work very hard to develop a community on their floors, buildings and quads. This includes Resident Assistants (RA’s) and Residence Hall Directors (RHD’s) all the way up to Quad Directors and the Assistant Vice President of … Continue reading

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#204: Learning from Lynda

The Division of Information and Technology is always looking out for new and exciting opportunities for the campus community to expand their technological skills. Kerrin Perniciaro is a staff member in DoIT and she thinks that a new site called is an awesome … Continue reading

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#203: Tripping Up The Stairs

It happens to everyone at some point in their life. The brain and feet have a miscommunication and the stairs win out and get the best of you! For one new student rushing to find his class, that small bit … Continue reading

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#202: Starting Fresh

It’s a new semester and a new year. Welcome to Stony Brook University and the Community of Awesome! Some students are starting as a new student , others are continuing their journey towards a successful life after Stony Brook. Either … Continue reading

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