#309: Words of Gratitude

Gratitude Insta (1)

Expressing gratitude is something we all know we should but often times we don’t do it enough, or wished we had said it sooner.  Students, faculty, and staff from across campus reached out to us to anonymously express their gratitude for some of our wonderful community members!

“Meggie has been there for me since the very beginning. She deserves all the cats. She is nice and very informative. Thank you!”

“Elisheva Lauren Sprung gave a free campus tour to the Dredger family, a longtime family-friend of hers. Students had gathered in the atrium of the Admissions Building after an official Admissions tour, and Elisheva had gone over to reconvene with the Dredgers. Still seeking more first-hand information, many of the prospective students actually stayed and spoke to Elisheva. Ultimately, she walked around campus for more than an hour with a group larger than 10 people!”

“Last night I saw my vocal teacher, Rachel Schutz, perform a recital of Alban Berg’s Sieben Frühe Lieder and Arnold Schönberg’s Pierrot lunaire Op. 21 from the early twentieth century and she did an absolutely amazing job.”

“Today I was surprised by being recognized for participating in an initiative during my hall council. Thank you, I really needed the boost tonight.”

In keeping with the theme of gratitude and appreciation, NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary) took some time out of their day to offer thanks to our hard-working bus drivers! NRHH took the express bus to South P where they gave a cake and goodies to the drivers, then came pack to the SAC loop to cheer the drivers on.

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