#299: Black History Month Opening Ceremony

Today, January 28th during Campus Lifetime, Stony Brook kicked off Black History Month with its opening ceremony. The keynote speaker was Frederick K. Brewington, ESQ, a respected lawyer and community advocate. He transformed the SAC Auditorium into a courtroom, addressing senior administrative members of the University as fellow council and judges. The audience became the jury, as Mr. Brewington made his case to them, presenting the evidence of past injustices, and his hopes for the future. He also tied into his statement Stony Brook Black History Month’s theme of “Sankofa”, which means “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” Mr. Brewington urged the Stony Brook community to not forget the past and the lessons learned, as they are extremely important to our present and for the betterment of the future. Mr. Brewington was extremely engaging and a great individual to kick off Black History Month.

Shout out to the Co-Chairs of the Black History Month Committee: Dr. Jarvis Watson from EOP/AIM and Dr. Zebulon Miletsky a professor in the Africana Studies department, as well as the entire Black History Month Committee of students, faculty and staff for putting together a wonderful event.

black history month

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