#293: FUNdraising: Jailhouse Rock Edition!

On Wednesday, November 19th during Campus Lifetime, the Alternative Spring Break Outreach club held a fundraiser for their upcoming trip to Fort Meyers, Florida to assist Habitat Humanity in building 28 houses! However, this was no ordinary fundraiser. It was a “Jail N’ Bail.” Undergraduates, graduate students,faculty and staff could nominate a friend or colleague by putting out a “warrant for their arrest.” The nominated parties then needed to remain in the “jail” in the Student Activities Center lobby until they raised enough money to pay their bail. Some notable prisoners included Jeffrey Barnett- Assistant Dean of Students, Hedieh Resciniti-Assistant Director of Facilities & Operations, Cathrine Duffy-Associate Director of Student Support and ASBO advisor and Vinny Justiniano- President of the Commuter Student Association. ASBO’s FUNdraiser raised over $1,000 for their upcoming trip! That’s amazing!

*Note: The author of this post may have had to spend 9 minutes in the clink, and raise $20 to be freed to write this post 😉

jail n bail 2

Undergraduate students Tracy Wong, Cristina Ceballos and
Graduate Students Nicole Levy and Samantha Worriwillow in “jail.”


Associate Director of Student Support, Cathrine Duffy, Hedieh Resciniti, Assistant Director for Facilities & Operations
and Jeffrey Barnett, Assistant Dean of Students, saddened by their “incarceration.”

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One Response to #293: FUNdraising: Jailhouse Rock Edition!

  1. Kate says:

    Awesome effort – inspiring others to help achieve greatness.

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