#291: Like a Good Neighbor, Seawolves Are There!

Stony Brook University is fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive community. An example of this support comes from local businesses who team up with Seawolves to raise money for fundraisers, or to spread the spirit and pride of Stony Brook University.

On Wednesday, November 19th, the Centereach Buffalo Wild Wings will be partnering with the Alternative Spring Break Outreach (ASBO) club here at Stony Brook. Buffalo Wild Wings is offering a 15% donation on all pre-taxed food sales when customers present the SBU/BWW ticket (found below). The money will go to supporting ASBO’s annual trip to help communities in need. This year they will be heading down to Fort Meyers, Florida to assist Habitat for Humanity in their goal of building 28 houses! ASBO is bringing Seawolf swagger all over the nation! Past outreach trips included Colorado and Louisiana.

As if that weren’t great enough, on Thursday, November 22nd the Lake Grove Applebees is partnering up with Camp Kesem Stony Brook for a Flapjack Fundraiser! Camp Kesem is a non-profit organization that empowers college students to create one week of free summer camp for children of parents who have or had cancer. Through non-stop fun and a supportive network of peers, campers in similar situations help one another heal. The fundraiser will be taking place from 8AM-10AM with tickets being $11 for students and $13 for faculty and staff. Tickets can be purchased from a Camp Kesem Ticket Seller.

Stony Brook Athletics spread spirit and pride in the community to get locals excited for the new Stony Brook IFCU Arena and the upcoming men’s and women’s basketball seasons! Kacie Juday and Kim Hanlon from the Women’s Basketball team and Assistant Coach Bryan Dougher and former player Anthony Mayo of the Men’s Basketball team were Seawolves at Work at Luigi’s Pizzeria in Setauket and Buffalo Wild Wings in Centereach, giving out posters and taking pictures to promote their teams this past week.

And last but not least, just last night players from the men and women’s basketball teams delivered pizzas across campus right to students’ doors! Luigi’s Pizzeria in Setauket donated 100 free pizzas that were delivered by Jameel Warney, Rayshaun McGrew, Kameron Mitchell and assistant coach Bryan Dougher from the Men’s Basketball team, as well as Sabre Proctor and Kori Bayne-Walker from the Women’s Basketball team!

Our Seawolves are so awesome they get involved on and off campus with businesses who so generously help us spread Stony Brook spirit! 


Present this ticket to your server at BWW on November 19th!

camp kesem

Camp Kesem Stony Brook 2014

Photo Cred: Camp Kesem Stony Brook Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/campkesemsb/timeline


Stony Brook Athletics at Luigi’s Pizzeria in Setauket!

Photo credit: Wolfie Seawolf- http://instagram.com/p/vHdgoxD2Pj/

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