#290: An Everyday Superhero

Every so often, a person comes along that reminds us there is genuine kindness, positivity and support in the world. This occurrence is even more exceptional when it comes in the form of an administrator who dedicates their life to helping students. Ellen Driscoll has been at Stony Brook for over 20 years, first as a substance abuse counselor and for the last four years as an Assistant Dean of Students. Ellen is an avid supporter of any student who walks through her door. Her Stony Brook pride is fierce and she never takes for granted the little things in life. She is a role model for students and a beloved friend of her colleagues. Ellen has served as a mentor for all of the Community Of Awesome moderators, past and present. I could sit here and write my own post about her selflessness, or her ability to smile and take the time to meet with a student no matter what she has on her plate, personally or professionally. But, I’ll let some of her closest colleagues and some of the many students she’s impacted help me out. Happy Birthday Ellen. We love you!

Ellen is a star that shines, quiet and bright, to illuminate others who look up to her for guidance and support.  She is grace, manifest. – J.B.

From the moment I met you, your warmth and generous spirit bowled me over. Whenever you walk into a room, I feel myself smile, my spirits lifted instantly, like a hot cup of coco after a day in the snow. I can only hope you can feel all the love sent back to you 10 fold today. Take today to bask in the glow of all those who love you & do something wonderful just for you. Happy Birthday!!!!- L.C.

I appreciate all the care and laughs you’ve given me! You always make my day! Basically, you rock! Happy Birthday * Love & Sparkles to you, the coolest Ellen I know! -J.I.

 Ellen is a breath of fresh air! After a chat with her, it’s really difficult to not have a great rest of your day. She is one of the most genuine, good, inspiring, intelligent, and effective people I know and I’m so happy to be lucky enough to call her my colleague. -A.B.

 Ellen is one of the most supportive people I know! She always has a smile on her face and inspires a ‘go-get’em’ attitude in all the students she works with. I miss working with her, but I still feel her encouragement today!- R.D.

 Ellen is the best kind of leader because she leads by example, displaying incredible strength and warmth at the same time. Her unflagging positivity is inspirational.- C.D.

 Ellen is a very special person to Stony Brook.  Her positive personality and passion for Stony Brook is truly contagious.  She is also a great mentor and friend to all her colleagues.  – S.S.

 Ellen has the ability to help students with situations in their lives that are causing them distress and make them feel that there is someone who cares and is able to assist them.  Her enthusiasm and kind hearted nature endear her to everyone she meets.  Plus she bakes a great scone!- K.H.

Ellen was the first person at Stony Brook who extended me a welcoming hand. The kindness she showed me elicited my first realization that students are not just a number at a large institution. It has been such a pleasure working with her and getting to know her better over the last year and a half. Her genuine passion for helping others is truly an asset to this university.” — N.L.

Dedicated, reliable, always greeting students with a smile a genuine interest in getting to know each and every one.- K.V.

It is rare to find in this world people as caring and involved in the lives of student as Ellen. The beauty of her commitment to the betterment of students, both academically as well as personally, is what I love most about Ellen. – J.H.

Your warm heart, patience, resilience and strength is an inspiration to all. I aspire to be more like you. Happy Birthday- G.S.

Ellen has been a driving force in my personal and professional development since I was a first-year student. Four years later I cannot thank her enough for her kindness. Happy Birthday, Ellen.- J.L.

Ellen is awesome! I love running into her on campus because she always has a smile on her face. It has been a real pleasure working with her as an Ambassador and as a member in the Follow The Pack – CHOICES group. She always puts the needs of us students first and she is a great person to talk to. She is also an enthusiastic supporter of the marching band! I wish her the happiest of birthdays!- J.L.

 Thank you Ellen for all you have done for Athletics. But more importantly, for always pushing me to be my best and making my mark! Love your birthday buddy!- T.G.

Ellen, your spirit and smile brightens the darkest of rooms and breaks the ice with the toughest crowd.  I am proud to call you my colleague and friend.  I love you.  Happy Happy Birthday my friend. Xoxo- H.R.

 Ellen has been a dear colleague and friend for many years and she has done so much to make SB the warm and wonderful place it has become.  So many students know they can talk to Ellen about the most tragic and serious issues or when they want to share one of their accomplishments.  Ellen listens with all her senses, which is why so many of us appreciate her.  She can tell if you are having a bad day and knows how to draw it out of you so you feel better.  Need a volunteer to help support our students – just ask Ellen.  She loves the work she does, which is why so many of us love her. – J.S.

Words alone are not enough to express how grateful I am to have Ellen in my life as a colleague and friend!  My birthday wish is that you feel loved and appreciated today (and every day) because you are. – Anonymous

Ellen, and her dedication to student welfare, is a huge part of the reason that Stony Brook University is such a safe and welcoming place for all who step foot on campus- O.S.

Ellen is one of the loveliest people on this campus!! Her love and support for SBU students is amazing. She deserves to be recognized for her awesomeness today and everyday!- C.R.

 And as one colleague put it best, “Ellen is my spirit animal” 

queen bey


ellen 2

ellen 1

Ellen taking the Ice Bucket Challenge with Team DOS!

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  1. JLattanza says:

    Reblogged this on tbh and commented:
    Happy Birthday Ellen!

  2. Kate says:

    Happy Birthday Ellen – Love – SHAC, Chill, CHOICE, “Active Minds” SBU FAN CLUB

  3. John Leddy says:

    Ellen Driscoll: Stony Brook Icon

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