#289: Dirty Jobs: Stony Brook Edition

Stony Brook students aren’t afraid to put in hard work and effort, even if it means getting some dirt on their hands! A Coastal Environmental Studies major shared with us the Earthworm Ecotoxicology Lab at Stony Brook. She says “under the care of Dr. Sharon Pochron and located in the Life Sciences Greenhouse, this lab allows undergraduates to be immersed in hands-on research. Currently the projects are looking at Roundup and Cadmium and their effects on both the worms and the soil. Students can either volunteer or get research credits for their time in the lab, and may get their names published on papers in a peer-reviewed journal.” The research done on the worms helps us understand how certain things affect other living species. This opportunity is educational and fun, and that’s awesome!


Photo credit: Sustainability Studies Blog


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