#279: A Perfect Match on Match Day!

The day was already extraordinary.

It was the third Friday in March 2014, and for med students everywhere in the United States this meant one thing and one thing only—”Match Day,” the day they found out the residency program to which they were matched.

For Roger Luo, a fourth-year med student here at SBU, however, Match Day 2014 didn’t only offer an opportunity to learn his residency assignment. No—in the middle of the chaos and excitement, among the ripping and tearing of envelopes and the howls of delight they brought with them, Roger Luo proposed to Gaby Chancay, his longtime girlfriend and fellow medical student at Stony Brook University.

Here’s how he did it. Luo contacted the dean’s office here at SBU, and they happily agreed to place a separate envelope on top of Chancay’s residency assignment. As a result, when Chancay went to open her package at noon that fateful Match Day, she found, shockingly, two envelopes: one from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NYC (her actual residency assignment; congratulations to her!), and one from a “Cupid-affiliated” hospital, a.k.a. Roger Luo, her soon-to-be-fiancé. As Chancay discovered this second, suspect letter, Luo made his move; he dropped a knee, and in the middle of that hectic scene he popped the question—to which Chancay, now teary-eyed, responded with a resounding yes.

Congratulations to Roger Luo and Gaby Chancay on their residency assignments—Luo will go on to New Jersey Medical School/Rutgers, Chancey will go to Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai—and on their happy engagement! 

We here at Community of Awesome think perfect matches on Match Day are AWESOME!


Photo courtesy of Stony Brook University 

Source: http://www.today.com/style/perfect-match-med-student-stages-surprise-proposal-match-day-2D79419524

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