#278: I Search, You Search, We All Search for Research!

Here’s the scenario: you’re an up and coming student at Stony Brook University and at some point, somewhere in that moment between matriculating and matriculated, between undergraduate and graduate, you realize something: you want to participate in research. You want that first hand experience, that posterior knowledge, that opportunity to progress, successfully or not, from hypothesis to experiment to peer review to journal publication.

But how do you begin? Where do you go? With whom do you consult?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions (and we all have), then fear no more—the University Scholars Program has got you covered. On Tuesday, March 4th, at 6:00pm in SAC Ballroom B, the University Scholars Program held their annual research panel event, which drew in a crowd of more than 60 students! Wonderfully hosted by SCH Advisor David Maynard and SCH Faculty Director Brian Colle, the SCH research panel featured University Scholars Ain Gulamhussein, Dana Castro, Bryan Szeglin, and April Slamowitz—all of whom kindly shared their experiences with locating and securing research positions. What’s more, the panel members answered all the questions the audience had, and even stayed after the event was over to talk and mingle with interested students.

This post goes out to the University Scholars Program for answering all of our most pressing questions about research!



(Pictured above: Ain Gulamhussein speak with two students after the research panel)

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One Response to #278: I Search, You Search, We All Search for Research!

  1. Kathleen Valerio says:

    Hello Qurat-ul-Ain, are you speaking to Ms. Yi Goa in this picture?

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