#276: Hear Our Voices Read Our ({Lips)}

On Wednesday, February 26th, CPO and the Tabler Center for Arts, Culture, and Humanities (TCACH) co-sponsored “Read My ({Lips}),” an event comprised of both a casual evening of live music, spoken word, and poetry, and an exuberant, real-time display women’s empowerment! At the event, CPO encouraged any and all performers to take to the stage, providing even a table of various written works from which performers could randomly or not so randomly choose. Those who wanted to perform but didn’t have material, then, could simply pick a piece on the spot. Performances ranged from original (and wholly phenomenal) poetry, essays about Fem Sharks, guitar jams, spoken word throwdowns–even, in a stunning throwback to the 2000s, a beautiful vocal duet of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.”  To generate hype for the then-upcoming Vagina Monologues, CPO sold chocolate vagina lollipops (in three flavors), and Vagina Monologues T-Shirts. This post goes out to CPO, the TCACH, and all the performers who participated in the “Read My ({Lips})” celebration of women’s empowerment!



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