#275: The Aca-Awesome Pipettes!

If you’ve seen the movie Pitch Perfect, then you know the terminology: male a cappella singers are aca-fellas, female singers are aca-bellas (their combined offspring, it follows, are aca-children)–and their mode of warfare, when they need to use it, is the sonorous but effective pitch-slap. If you haven’t seen the movie, on the other hand, then fear not—you can get your a cappella fix off-screen, right here on campus, with Stony Brook University’s much less fictional—and much more talented—a cappella group, the Stony Brook Pipettes.

Composed of a little over 20 female student performers (sorry aca-fellas, this group’s aca-bellas only), the Stony Brook Pipettes are a mesmerizing force of sublime harmony and  astoundingly accurate rhythm (they perform without a metronome), of engaging vocal solos and expert, unified performance. They are, in short, what fictional a cappella groups in Hollywood movies can only dream to be.

Moreover, the Stony Brook Pipettes have performed everywhere: CPO Banquets, UGC End of the Year events, memorial services—even, I’m delighted to report, a private performance in which they sang in the background while a man proposed to his wife (are you swooning yet?).

This post goes out to the fabulous Pipettes for all the extraordinary talent, professionalism, and joy they bring to Stony Brook University!

ImageSpecial thanks to Emily D. for very kindly allowing me take a picture of the Pipettes rehearsing.

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