#273: Zen and the Art of Door Decs

The month of March is on the horizon here at Stony (or is it Snowy?) Brook University. For many of us, this means the steady (not to say calm) approach of that eternally infamous period of time: midterms. For residents, however, the new month will also bring with it something fun, something delightful—something decorative. Something, quite literally, with your name on it.

That’s right–as we change over into the month of March, so too will our door decs! RAs all across campus are working–probably even as we speak–on new door decs, the themes of which will range from penguins to fitness, from flowers to Disney characters. In short, if you can imagine it, it may very well be your door dec.

But before we look ahead to the door decs of tomorrow, I want to take a moment–by way of this post–to celebrate the ones that have come before us, and, of course, the fabulous RAs that have worked so hard on them. There’s a subtle but very real feeling of delight to be had in seeing your name inscribed on a carefully crafted door decoration, especially, I think, if you’ve just started living at Stony Brook. And that’s something, among countless others, for which we can sincerely thank our RAs. There when you move in, there when you move out, the door dec is the name tag that never sleeps–it’s the meaningful connection, however decorative, between resident and residence hall.

Thanks, RAs of Stony Brook University!

Special thanks to RAs Matt and Sarah (Dreiser College) for letting me take pictures of their phenomenal door decs (below).






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