#271 Once More, With Feeling!

If, as Billy Shakespeare reminds us, “All the world’s a stage,” then it only follows logically that “all of Stony Brook University’s a stage,” too – right? And if we’re all “[perhaps not so] merely players,” then that means inherent within all of us is the capacity to act – to perform. All we’d really need, it seems, is the opportunity to show it.

The Stony Brook University Actor’s Conservatory offers that opportunity.

As Conservatory member Eric N. kindly explained to me, “[the Conservatory’s] goals are to just have fun, put on a show for the audience that is both entertaining and funny, and to just give people a chance to be involved with acting overall.”

And, while the Actor’s Conservatory may play-act a variety of different characters with a variety of different emotions, what is singularly genuine about them is their investment in the Stony Brook University community at large. “The Actor’s Conservatory,” Eric went on, “contributes to the community in terms of entertainment and just forming a family so to speak. We put on shows and entertain people and encourage people to join. Those who do join have a great time and we become close like a family. Imagine having a stressful day and you want to just have a good time and a few laughs. The Actor’s Conservatory shows are great for just that.”

Seawolves, then, need not at all be confused about the SBU Actor’s Conservatory’s noble function (and it is noble); as Eric N. shortly—and certainly powerfully—summed up, “Our performers put smiles on faces.”

Special thanks to Eric Noh for his wonderful comments!


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