#270 Pizza + Pictionary = FUN!

Arjun and Matt are your quintessential RAs: they’re diligent, unfailingly kind, and remarkably—almost unbelievably—well-skilled. They’re also, however, infinitely wise; they know, for instance, that there’s a certain, if indirect, route to a Seawolf’s heart, and that that route is called “free pizza.” On Thursday, January 30th, nearly 50 students crammed into the Dreiser College classroom for “Pizza and Pictionary,” an event expertly put together and then charmingly hosted by RAs Matt and Arjun (Dreiser College, Tabler Quad). As its title suggests, “Pizza and Pictionary” featured, well, pizza and pictionary—but it also offered much more than that. It offered Twister for the flexible, Boggle for the wordsmiths, Taboo for the expressive—and, of course, Cards Against Humanity, for the very, very brave. For what better way is there to close out the first week of classes than by watching your friends play Twister and collapse while they try to place (somehow) their left foot on green? What brings a building together more—and more enjoyably—than playing Cards Against Humanity, the “party game for horrible people”? At the end of the day, then, “Pizza and Pictionary” was an event not about games but about friends—an event promoting not gamesmanship but comradeship.



Thanks, RAs Matt and Arjun!


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