#269 Seawolves Celebrate Seahawks!

     In addition to some very funny (and sometimes very odd) commercials, this past Super Bowl Sunday gave us the opportunity to observe two wild, majestic creatures in their natural habitats: the Seawolves, roaming the GLS/HDV center, grazing on free food; and the Seahawks, winning Super Bowl XLVIII in what many would call “the blink of an eye.”

     But it’s never really about who wins or loses, is it? Regardless of the winner, hasn’t it always been about the friends, the family, the trash talk, the trash talk about the trash talk, the food, the commercials (the good and the strange), the halftime show (shouts-out to Bruno Mars), the giant televisions, the couches, the excitement, the atmosphere—first electrifying, then hushed, now roaring again?

Stony Brook University’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) seems to agree; their annual “RHA’s Super Bowl Sunday” event captured each and every detail that makes watching the Super Bowl enjoyable—including, of course, nearly 50 Dominoes pizzas, and a couple of giant, 80-inch projection screens! Skillfully utilizing the entire upstairs of the GLS/HDV center, the RHA created a welcoming and friendly space in which students could watch—or not watch—the Super Bowl, either with friends they came with, or friends they just recently made on-site. And when Stony Brook students, despite their opposing NFL allegiances, can sit together and laugh and enjoy the celebration of yet another Super Bowl, it’s the Seawolves—not the Seahawks—who finally win.

Thanks, RHA!


Special thanks also to Kyle Capobianco-Hogan, who graciously gave me permission to use his wonderful photo of the RHA event.

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