#266 Achieving Sustainability, One Pedal at a Time

bike share

Since its founding in 1957, Stony Brook University has been a hub—the hub, I’d argue—for all things innovative, progressive, and collegiately cutting-edge. Even today, 57 years later, Stony Brook hasn’t slowed down in the slightest. Instead, it has picked up its speed—literally. In the spring of 2013, Stony Brook’s Office of Sustainability launched its much-anticipated Wolf Ride Bike Share program, which allows students to rent Wolf Ride bicycles (red, of course) at no charge for up to 60 minutes. With three bike stations scattered throughout the campus (one at the SAC, one at West Apartments I, one at the South P Lot), the Wolf Ride Bike Share is the powerful intersection of zero emissions travel and healthy, active lifestyles. Unsurprisingly, the Wolf Ride Bike Share has been immensely popular, with almost 1,700 hours of utilization on record since its debut! Try renting a bike the next time you see a Wolf Ride station—as the Office of Sustainability says, “Ride Red. Go Green.”

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