#265 Beginning with The End


This past Sunday, January 26th, students kicked off the Spring 2014 semester with a laugh by attending the USG event, “USG Presents: Winter Movie Night,” the feature film of which was the star-studded—if somewhat apocalyptic—comedy, This Is The End. Despite the afternoon flurries and overall cold weather earlier in the day, about 120-150 students packed into the SAC Auditorium to watch comedy stars (among others) James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jonah Hill navigate—not without laughing, of course—an apocalyptic Los Angeles. In addition to screening the film, however, USG also—and very, very kindly—provided free snacks for the event, and gave free AMC Movie Tickets to the first ~200 students to attend! By putting together this event, USG established yet another awesome way to start off a semester: watching a (free) movie with your friends! As USG Vice President of Communications/Public Relations Mario Ferone was kind enough to tell me, “one of the goals of the USG is to improve the student life here on campus. In the Winter we have a smaller budget to work with, but still try and find ways to give students something to do […] The movie night is cool because its something easy, and fun to do on campus.” Well, it’s safe to say (and I think 120-150 students would agree with me) that USG definitely succeeded in providing easy, fun—and, crucially, free—entertainment this past weekend, perhaps right when some homesick students needed it the most. Thanks, USG!

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