#244: StandUp Day

The second annual National Stand Up Against Bullying Day was on Wednesday, November 14th, and it was the second time that the Stony Brook StandUp Charter put on a spectacular event.

“Students and faculty from across the campus came out to the event to support the cause and enjoy the program. Keynote Speaker Roberta Richin from the Council for Prejudice Reduction gave a powerful and empowering speech touching on her own experience being bullied in her grade school years to what can be done today to stop it. Both CPO and the Community Pledge representatives spoke about what they do and their place on campus, and, there were student performances that brought people in the audience to tear up. Wrapping the night up after a solemn vigil in silence dedicated to those that passed away due to bullying and its harmful effects, there was a photo-shoot themed “Just Be You.” The idea behind the photo-shoot was that if all that were present were to stand up against bullying and accept all people in their various communities, then no single person should be afraid to be true to their own self.

This student-run organization started only last year and is rapidly growing and spreading awareness across campus. This was an AWESOME event, with AWESOME speakers and performers, put on by a group with an AWESOME cause!!”

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