#240: Seawolf Swabs

Marching Band students perform for students, faculty and staff as they get swabbed.

A group of students has set out to achieve an ambitious goal: the largest bone marrow registry drive on a college campus ever. That would be 2,481 people who simply volunteer a few minutes to have their cheek dabbed with a cotton swab and their personal information added to a nationwide registry of potential donors.

Sam Rosner, Pete Sheh, Maggie Knight and Derek Cope have been working tirelessly alongside many student volunteers to promote the drive that is happening today in SAC Ballroom B until 4pm and in the Campus Recreation Center lobby from 4pm – 7pm. These students have  dedicated their time to saving lives and informing the campus community about the process of a bone marrow donation – one that does not include much pain at all. The group is approaching their goal quickly, with over 500 people added to the registry at the time this was posted (it is quickly rising!)

Learn more about this opportunity today in the SAC and CRC, professionals from DKMS America are on hand to help, alongside dozens of student volunteers who are committed to helping others.

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