#233: Sandy Support

Hurricane Sandy has devastated parts of Long Island, New York City and surrounding states – places that many Stony Brook students, faculty and staff consider home. Yet through it all, everyone has come together to get through this tough time. This post will be continuously updated as more support is spotted. Please email communityofawesome@gmail.com if you have more to add!

1) Power went out for about an hour Monday night. Students who live on campus quickly banded together to keep each other calm. Residents of West F gathered to build a 1000 piece puzzle in the hallway, continuing to work on the puzzle well after power was restored.

2) The Stony Brook University Chief of Police Robert J. Lenahan is out working with his teams at the North Entrance directing traffic. Traffic lights are out, and UPD is working hard to make sure there are no incidents on campus.

3) Residents of West E had a bouncy ball relay race in the hallway during the power outage on Monday night.

4) The Campus Recreation Center is open for use, and students are flocking there to exercise and socialize while classes are cancelled and travel off campus is strongly discouraged.

5) Alternative Spring Break Outreach (ASBO) is connecting students to volunteer shelters for students who are interested.

6) An anonymous SB Alum is hosting a FEMA representative in their home during the cleanup, giving extra gasoline to neighbors, helping remove fallen trees and helping keep things safe.

Email communityofawesome@gmail.com if you know of more!

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One Response to #233: Sandy Support

  1. KM says:

    Wonderful work SUNY SB students! As an old alumni I offered this to my neighbors: now hosting a FEMA rep who could not find a vacant hotel room; helped clear the roads near my home of fallen branches; helped a neighbor cut a tree in the street; got others to pitch in; erected a stanchion and yellow caution tape around broken telephone pole;. gave away gasoline I had available. All hands on deck. Pitch in wherever you can!

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