#230: Cathrine Duffy

Alexa and Cathrine unintentionally twinning!Alexa G and Chrissy S. submitted this great summary of a great person: “Cathrine Duffy is a literal super hero of the Dean of Students suite. New to the office last year, she has gone above and beyond her role as Staff Assistant to the Dean of Students, Dean Stein. There is not a question she can’t answer. She always goes out of her way to talk to students and parents when they call or visit the office. This semester, she is also one of the supervisors of the Front Desk staff and helps us to grow and learn every day. Cathrine always has our backs, and not only are we proud to call her one of our mentors, we consider her a friend. Dean Stein is lucky to have such a great assistant, one who cares about the students just as much as he does. Cathrine Duffy makes the Dean of Student’s suite a true community of AWESOME and we don’t know what we’d do without her!!!”

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3 Responses to #230: Cathrine Duffy

  1. Kathleen Valerio says:

    Awesome, reliable, professional, dedicated – yes – we absolutely agree, Cathrine is truly AWESOME (and her efforts bringing “Elect Her” to our campus one of oh so many ways we know this to be true).

  2. Benn Yiufat Lam says:

    I second that! Thank you so much Catherine! You have been the most patient, most generous and most helpful over the past months that I have worked in the Dean of Students Office. You are 100%+100% more AWESOME!

  3. Jenny Kim says:

    I vote for this!!!!!!!!! She is a genuine person who has a true heart. I love her!!!!!!!!

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