#224: Stand Up on the Staller Stage

Casey C. goes into great depth on our next awesome installment: “Just a year ago, a few passionate students and their ACH Academic Advisor Mr.Awesome#19 Jeremy Marchese, opened a charter of the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation Against Bullying and Homophobia. This is the first organization ever to dedicate its work to anti-bullying efforts as well as removing homophobia from sports.”
“Being a fairly new club, the SBU StandUp Charter has made amazing progress in raising awareness about how to stop bullying on Stony Brook’s campus…So much progress that the founder of StandUp, Ben Cohen himself, has recognized our charter and will be coming to campus to give a lecture! Now how often can an organizations chapter noticed by their Founder?!” Ben Cohen will be giving his lecture at the Staller Center Main Stage on October 9th at 4pm.

Ben Cohen and the Stony Brook StandUp Charter have done excellent work, and they are drawing a lot of attention. To join or learn more about this awesome organization, visit the General Body Meetings every Monday at 7pm in SAC 302.

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