#223: Historic Win, Respectful Defeat

This past Saturday, our Seawolves Football Team (as well as The Spirit of Stony Brook, the Stony Brook Cheerleading and Dance teams, and about 1,500 Stony Brook fans) traveled up to West Point, NY, to take on the Army Black Knights in historic Michie Stadium.  Ultimately the Seawolves beat Army 23-3 for their first win against a FBS/BCS football team, which is absolutely awesome all on its own.  But what was even more awesome was what happened after the game ended and the final score was posted.

Go Seawolves!

Although Army’s football team had just lost a home game, all of the players made their way over to the Stony Brook fan section, and respectfully stood at attention right behind the Stony Brook football team while our marching band played the Stony Brook Alma Mater.  The discipline and respect that the Black Knights displayed, even though things didn’t quite go their way on game day, is awe-inspiring and tremendously AWESOME!

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