#219: Dani’s Dynamic Dance

As you may have learned a few days ago, Homecoming has become a huge part of Stony Brook culture drawing a lot of attention from a lot of people. As with any major event, Homecoming had a lot of individual plot lines going through the entire week.

Dani Klupenger – our 2012 Homecoming Queen – is a student-athlete. She is a Student Ambassador, the Co-president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committe (SAAC), works with Choices-Follow the Pack, and serves on the  Undergraduate Athlete Advisory Committee. Dani plays on the Women’s Basketball Team and dedicates almost all of her time, effort and energy to that. Yet she is also a student and a person – a concept that many people often forget. Dani has worked tirelessly in an effort to make student-athletes more integrated in campus life. It is not an easy task, but the video that Dani made for her Homecoming Creative Explosion will certainly help that process. Anytime the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Team and Marching Band wear blonde wigs and dance around, you are sure to get a lot of attention.

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