#212: Moving Motivation

Now that we’re back into the swing of things on campus with classes, work, internships, etc., it can be easy to get stuck in a routine and forget how much of an impact a little encouraging gesture can make. Nicholas, a business major, thinks that it’s awesome that the bus driver on Stony Brook Bus #45 took the time to leave riders with a healthy dose of verbal encouragement as they exited the bus.  Any bus driver could have just sat silently at the stop, immersed in the routine of the day, but this bus driver made a big impact with a simple gesture.  As the students exited the bus, the driver told everyone, with a smile, to “learn a lot and study hard.”  It’s a simple phrase, but it had the power to make Nicholas’s, and no doubt many others’, day!

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that brighten someone’s day – so thank you, driver of Bus #45!

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One Response to #212: Moving Motivation

  1. Michele Lake says:

    Do you think we could post this to the transportation website? We like to display these for the community to see.

    Please free to call me to discuss: 6326421

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