#210: Football Storm

The Stony Brook Seawolves stormed onto the field on Saturday with a record breaking performance and a classic fight against the elements. The offense dominated with a school record 77 – 7 victory over Pace University and a school record 693 total yards. The defense kept a lid on things, not allowing the Setters to score until the fourth quarter taking away two interceptions and only allowing 9 first downs. Stony Brook will ride this momentum into Syracuse next Saturday, which will be broadcast on SNY at 4pm.

Torrential rain started and ended around halftime, cutting short the Marching Bands performance and causing many fans to leave the game early. The once full Red Zone dwindled down to 50 brave Seawolves who stayed in the stands, on their feet, cheering on the team. At one point, the fans were even cheering for the Marching Band to return which had to temporarily leave to keep their uniforms and instruments out of the storm. These fans hummed and sang the music the Band usually plays after a first down as well as the Hey Song and the Fight Song after each scoring drive!

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