#197: Academic Peer Advisors!

Academic Peer Advisors are student interns who dedicate their time to assisting the Academic and Pre-Professional Advising Center in helping SB students. They are trained on the ins and outs of SB advising. According to the contributer, “Another part of their internship is working on outreach events, where they spread the word on advising students and informing them on campus resources. Whether it be a large event like working Academic Advising day, or just being a guest speaker at an RA program, the APAs dedicate their time to help bring advising to the students. APAs also serve as TAs for ADV101, a class designed to help acclimate first semester transfer students to the University and serve as mentors for the BRIDGES program, pairing them up with another Stony Brook University student to help guide them to academic success. In short, the APAs have dedicated a year to make advising more accessible to the student population, making them AWESOME!”

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One Response to #197: Academic Peer Advisors!

  1. Lakshmi Ramsoondar says:

    They are a very awesome group of individuals who will be missed in our office!

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