#192: SB C-CERT

“The Stony Brook Campus-Community Emergency Response Team (SB C-CERT) is a volunteer organization dedicated in training its members in fire safety, first-aid, and policing techniques. You may have seen us during football games, concerts, and move-in.  Wherever we may be though, we are prepared for emergencies when they strike.” SB C-CERT is awesome for volunteering their time to keep our community safe! In fact, they recently were awarded the Student Life Award for Distinguished Service!

hard at work!

Interested in joining this awesome group?? See below!

From Alexandra P., the Head of Recruitment:

Recruitment for SB C-CERT takes place in the fall. Although not mandatory, attending the Information Session will help potential ecruits in gaining a better idea of what we stand for.  After that, you will have to give in an application and sign up for an interview ate.  If the interview goes well, you will be notified via email if you are accepted or not.  Typically, we recruit 8–12 students a emester, but that number may change depending on the quality of applicants applying and the general need for new members.The Information Session takes place in the third week of September.  Check out our facebook page, “Stony Brook Campus CERT,” in the coming weeks to watch for an update. Until then, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at: sbccert@gmail.com.

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One Response to #192: SB C-CERT

  1. Kathleen Valerio says:

    C-Cert – you are an AWESOME group of dedicated students always willing and most certainly able to support our campus community. THANK YOU for your dedication and service.

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