#186: Spoke the Thunder

Steven L., a philosophy major, thinks that Stony Brook’s only literary magazine, Spoke the Thunder, is awesome. Their third issue, recently incorporated into an issue of The Statesman, was chock full of poetry, prose, short stories, photography, and art contributed by talented students. “The group started as a club in the fall of 2010, their name taken from lines 399 to 401 T.S. Eliot’s epic poem ,”The Wasteland” (“Then spoke the thunder/DA/Datta: what have we given?”).” The club consistently works hard “to put out the best and most original works the SBU student body had to offer in the form of their own literary magazine.”

Undergraduates from any major can submit their creative works spokethethunder@gmail.com. Essays and literature reviews will also be considered. Visit their Facebook page for up to date information, or attend a meeting! “We will also be holding writing workshops next semester so students can come to us with their written work to see how they may be able to improve.” Check it out if you are looking for a creative outlet!

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