#160: Helping Hands- 1,100 Links to Hope, Support, and a Better Tomorrow

Helping Hands: 1,100 Links to Hope, Support, and a Better Tomorrow, sponsored by Active Minds, was “an installation on display in the Tabler Arts Center Gallery (sponsored by The Stony Brook Chapter of Active Minds on Campus, the Student Health Advisory Committee, and the Fine Arts Organization) from March 12th-March 16th. It consisted of 1,100 paper hands, each signed by a member of the campus community, ranging from individual students to professors to clubs, teams, and organizations, pledging their support for those who have struggled with issues related to mental health, or for those who know someone facing such a struggle.” Many students came through the awesome exhibit, which was the result of the hard work of Alex and Cabrina, two students, with the support of their advisor Kate Valerio. “The particular quantity of 1,100 was selected because this number represents the estimated number of college students aged 18-24 who commit suicide each year, making suicide the 2nd leading cause of death in this population.” The exhibit is a physical reminder of this, but also of the tremendous support for students on campus and the desire of members of the campus community to help each individual get through his or her personal struggle.   Remember, you’re never alone!

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One Response to #160: Helping Hands- 1,100 Links to Hope, Support, and a Better Tomorrow

  1. Kathleen Valerio says:

    Alex & SBU “Active Minds” membership, supported by SHAC membership and student peer educators with CPO’s Chill and CHOICE Peer Educators – wow! – thank you so very much fr your exhibit and efforts promoting mental health and wellness. Amazing collection of 1,100 supportive SBU hands reaching out, always, in support and hoping to help others hold on when all seems impossible.

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