#138: Positive Change

a little goes a long way!

Lexi G., a history major, shared this with us: “Monday night, my friend Chrissy and I were on our way to Bingo for Books in the SAC. We drove over around 6:30 and parked in the metered lot closest to the SAC. We were all set to put money in to pay for our spot until 7pm, when metered parking ends. However, we forgot that it was $1.50 minimum to park. We didn’t have enough change on us. We figured this out only after putting money into the machine. To our surprise, a girl who had been standing next to us under the awning of the meter (it was raining) offered to give her extra change. It was such a nice thing to do! So thank you girl with the floral umbrella, you are awesome!” Always remember, a small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s day!

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