#136: Feeling Truly Welcome at a New School

Starting off at a new university can be a daunting experience.  Finding your way around, registering for classes, meeting new people, being in a new environment – the challenges of navigating a new place may seem endless at first.  With this in mind, our SB advisors, orientation staff, and student affairs departments (and a myriad of other staff and faculty on campus) work hard to make new students feel welcome and transition smoothly to SBU.

One student, a transfer from a university which shall remain unnamed, went out of his way to thank his AWESOME advisor, Sandy Trapani, for all of her help in getting him off on the right foot at SBU. The student talked about how in only two visits to campus, he felt that he was a part of the community more so than he ever felt at his previous institution. He remarked that the SB staff made him feel that he was cared for, and that he was treated with compassion and respect that he didn’t receive at his other school. Not only did he feel welcome throughout the orientation and advising process, he mentioned that a faculty member, upon hearing that he was a new transfer, said that we at SB were “glad to have him” (we sure are!).

So much awesome in one post: first of all, thanks to Sandy and the advising and orientation staff for making this student and countless others feel a part of the SBU community and making sure they have all the tools they need to succeed. And, of course, thanks to the student for going out of his way to express his gratitude for the warm welcome!

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