#134: RAKs in the Gym

Click to visit C-REC's website for Wellness Center hours

In the Wellness Center last Friday, an awesome small random act of kindness (RAK) unfolded.  A worker was up on a ladder near the weights working on fixing something in the ceiling and dropped something.  Two nearby gym-goers were doing bench presses (one pressing, one spotting) and the spotter noticed that the worker had dropped something. Instead of continuing with the set, he told his buddy “hold on a minute,” helped him put the weight down, and picked up what the worker had dropped and handed it to him. The worker smiled and thanked the spotter.

Al, a comp sci major, said “in the gym, people really tend to help each other out – the other day, someone noticed I didn’t have a spotter and offered to help me. I always see this type of thing happen and it is really awesome!” Sweet!

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