#133: Orientation Leaders

Summer 2011 Orientation Staff

During intersession, new transfer students and some first-year students are attending orientation sessions and will begin their career at Stony Brook in the Spring. The Orientation Leaders (OLs) who welcome these new students are AWESOME! Not only do the OLs make sure new students feel welcome and have all of their questions answered, but they act as advisors, presenters, set-up/clean up crew, tour guides,  are walking SBU encyclopedias and all around super helpful and awesome. OLs work both summer and winter sessions and are trained in all things SBU and welcome around 4,000 new students every summer and 700 over the winter. Not only are they among the very first faces new students and their parents see, ensuring they have a great first impression of SBU, they are also working behind-the-scenes magic every orientation session. This winter, the OLs are on campus working hard to welcome a new crop of Seawolves! Thanks! For more information about the OLs and Orientation, visit http://studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/orientation/index.shtml

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