#120: Snack Indulgences

just pretend you never saw the calorie count...

A faculty member told us that SB’s whoopie pies are awesome. He added, “I shouldn’t eat them (2,000 cal/pack) But I do. So yummylicious.” Did you know that whoopie pies are the state treat of Maine and were historically made by the Amish? Though they have pie in the name, they are sort of like a cakey cookie – three desserts in one?! We all have those treats provided by campus dining that we like to indulge in (the homemade chips that come with the sandwiches at the SAC, boston creme donuts, cookie cups, sweet potato fries, the list can go on for miles). Though they may pack a caloric punch, guilty pleasure snacks are awesome. Enjoy every bite! Treat yourself as an end-of-semester reward! What is your favorite on-campus guilty pleasure snack? Leave a comment and share.

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