#116: Spreading the Awesome!

We were thrilled to get this message from Panthea S. on behalf of the HSCSA: “The Health Sciences Center Student Association (HSCSA) was absolutely inspired by your awesome blog. We incorporated the idea into our Winter Wonderland Luncheon which was held today, December 5th. Health Sciences Center undergraduate students from the School of Health Technology & Management, School of Nursing, and School of Social Welfare filled a poster board with their ideas on what’s awesome about Stony Brook!” Thanks to the HSCSA for spreading positivity at the HSC!

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2 Responses to #116: Spreading the Awesome!

  1. Kate Valerio says:

    THANK YOU Community of Awesome for sharing AWESOME & RED HOT spirit of our HSC students. As proud SBU HSC alum it is inspiring to share their support for “Everything” here at our East & West SBU!

  2. Loved it Such school spirit and cuteness.

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