#108: Found Phone

poor little lost phone

A student shared this story with us: “The other day, I was carrying a ton of stuff and put it down on a table in the SAC.  A fire alarm went off for a drill and in a rush to evacuate the building, I grabbed my stuff in a hurry. However, I quickly realized that I left my iPhone on the table where I set my stuff down. As soon as we were let into the building again, I frantically ran back to where I left it. I didn’t see it anywhere but then heard someone calling my name – he had my phone! He even called my mom to see how he could get it back to me! This individual is AWESOME for taking the time to get the phone back to me instead of just letting it sit on the table where I left it. Thank you so much, your kindness was not unnoticed!”

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One Response to #108: Found Phone

  1. Jim Carr says:

    This is awesome! A great example of the Stony Brook Spirit!

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