#103: English Pals

English Pals meeting on October 17!

SBU welcomes a large number of international students to our university each semester. Many international students come to our university with the goal of sharpening their English skills. Two awesome campus organizations, International Student Organization (ISO) and Stony Brook Golden Key Honor Society, have teamed up to help these students achieve this goal. The collaboration is an informal mentoring-type program that pairs a volunteer (many from campus honor societies and some marching band members) with an international student. The pairs meet up to chat, giving the international students the opportunity to ask questions and practice English, and allowing both partners to make a new friend and learn about another culture!  Mawii R., a staff member, thinks this is a truly awesome collaboration. She says, “The English Pal Program warms my heart.  Thank you to those who were brave and signed up for it, and thank you to those who have volunteered who are helping break barriers you may not even realize you are breaking.  Thank you to International Student Organization at Stony Brook University and Stony Brook Golden Key for leading this program!” Way to go! If you are interested in getting involved in this great program for next semester, contact ISO if you are an international student at stonyiso2011@gmail.com or contact Golden Key if you are interested in being a volunteer at goldenkeySBU@gmail.com

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