#102: More Seawolves Success!

Today, Stony Brook Seawolves football beat the Albany Great Danes in the FCS playoff game – it was an AWESOME win!! The Seawolves came back in an epic way in the fourth quarter.  The Seawolves prevented the Great Danes from scoring with an amazing interception at the last minute. The stadium erupted with Seawolves pride. It really is a great time to be a Seawolf, and Jonathan G., a parent of a student (side note: we love that SBU families are reading Community of Awesome! Thanks for submitting!) reminded us of that with his submission, which was actually sent in before today’s win: “Stony Brook football moves into the nations top 25 ranking for the first time ever on only the sixth year of scholarship football, an outstanding feat that reflects the vision and excellent management of the school. We look forward to the great possibility for the Men’s basketball team to be America East champs. Go Seawolves!” AWESOME!

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4 Responses to #102: More Seawolves Success!

  1. Kathleen Valerio says:

    Awesome – recalling the days before the marching band when myself and my son were joined by maybe 200 in the stadium vs. today – Amazing & awesome.

  2. Barbara Acey says:

    My son arrived on a full football scholarship. He did not pan out as Coach P had hoped. But my son chose to stay at Stony Brook, because he’s smart and he knows Stony Brook is an awesome school. Coach P kept him involved in the program. And I am so grateful he is part of this. It is an amazing time to be a Seawolf! I am so proud of my son!

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