#100: Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving upon us, we are entering the holiday season, a time of year where people come together and embrace the positives in their lives. People ponder what they are thankful for and appreciate the big or little things in life that bring joy and smiles to themselves or others. Currently, you will see 99 Awesome Things that we as a community have come to embrace and appreciate.  This blog is really in keeping with the spirit of this season – giving thanks for the things we love and appreciate, big or small.

One submission named opportunities as something awesome about SBU.  At a time of reflection on what we are thankful for, we turn back to this post. Opportunities available to us are truly something to be thankful for. Stony Brook University is the largest single-site employer on Long Island, providing valuable job opportunities for more than 14,000 individuals. Some of these men and women work their first job here, and others spend decades at Stony Brook making a valuable career dedicated to helping students succeed.

The opportunities offered to students provide each and every one of us with the foundation to develop real world skills through hands on activity. The scope of opportunities is tremendous and available for everyone from a first-year undergraduate all the way up to a PhD candidate. Part time jobs, for-credit-internships, paid internships, elected club positions, student government, peer education programs, research, and academic support are just scratching the surface. And within each of these opportunities lay room for growth, professional development and hands on experience.

And of course, we are so thankful for the opportunity we’ve been give to broadcast all of the things that you appreciate and experience everyday. Reading through all of the submissions has been enlightening and truly opened our eyes to how much opportunity Stony Brook offers. Happy Holidays and enjoy your well deserved break! Don’t forget to keep letting us know what you appreciate about one another and about SBU! Also, don’t forget to let the people in your lives  that you think are awesome know that you appreciate them! Giving thanks all year round is AWESOME.

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