#85: CPO Peer Educators!

The Center for Prevention and Outreach is a resource on campus for students that emphasizes prevention and early intervention as well as education surrounding four major areas (but is certainly not limited to these): alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault, depression/suicide, and health education.

One AWESOME aspect of CPO is Peer Education! There are a few different peer education groups who do amazing outreach at

Dean Stein and Peer Educators!

various events across campus and are always supportive and informative! These students work hard to create a caring, safe campus environment for all.

Swallow This” is a prevention through the arts group which portrays real life stories about students’ alcohol and drug-related experiences in creative and engaging ways.

Peer Educators, Kate & Wolfie at Food Day 2011

CHILL Peer Educators focus on mental health and wellness, and CHOICE (Choosing Healthy Options In a College Environment) Peer Educators focus on physical health and wellness. These groups do awesome work and are always present at events and supporting one another!

Equally amazing is Kate Valerio, who coordinates the CHILL and CHOICE programs. She is always snapping pictures at events and showing her students support! Thanks, Kate, for all you do (and for sending these great pics!) YOU are AWESOME!

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One Response to #85: CPO Peer Educators!

  1. Kathleen Valerio says:

    CPO’s Peer Educators ARE AWESOME!

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