#73: Friendly Campus Dining Staff

the smile sign taped onto Mary's register 🙂

Recently, we recieved a few submissions about how great the cashiers and cooks in campus dining facilities are! So, here is a three-in-one awesome thing:

Hillary M., a linguistics major, and Minal K., a biology major, both agree that “Rich who works at the SAC grill is awesome! He is always serving with a friendly smile and always remembers you! The best is when you walk up to the grill and he turns around sees your face and knows your order. No need to fill out forms or write your name down he just knows! It’s awesome. Plus he makes awesome egg sandwiches.”

Jocelyn P., a marine vertabrate biology major, says, “Kelly Charcoals is awesome.  They may not have the fastest service, but their food is always so good!  And the workers are super friendly!”

Natalia P., a psychology major, told us “Mary, one of the cashiers at the SAC, has never failed to make my day. She spots me from the line at Mulberry Street and flashes me the biggest smile ever. She’s super friendly and loves to make conversation before I walk away from the register. Just today, she said she liked my recent hair dye job so I gave her my last SMILE! flyer and she taped it to her register.”

A big THANK YOU to friendly staff who never fail to brighten our days!

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One Response to #73: Friendly Campus Dining Staff

  1. Every time I get lunch at the Union Cafe, the ladies who work at Picantes always smile and say hello when I go to get my food. It always makes me feel good to know that they remember who I am.

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