#61: Great Colleagues

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Mary Beth P. from the Academic and Pre-Professional Advising Center told us, “I want to send a big “Thank you!” and “We love you guys!” to all of the staff academic advisors working in academic departments.  To Ellen Lopez, (BIO), Carol Carlson (PSY), Faith Caton (BUS), Katherine Hughes (CHE), Margaret Hanley (EGL), and Sharon Worksman (SOC), we want you all to know we think you guys are AWESOME! Thanks for all you do for students and for our office too.” Both departmental staff advisors and all the fantastic advisors like Mary Beth in the Academic and Pre-Professional Advising Center are helpful resources for students and for each other – that is definitely awesome. Having colleagues that are supportive and reliable makes work a pleasure!

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One Response to #61: Great Colleagues

  1. Thank you so much! This is quite an honor! But I have to acknowledge the great staff in Academic Adivising, too — everyone is so friendly and helpful. A special thanks goes to Mary Beth Powers, who gave us a great course on general advising! The MOST special thanks goes to Undergraduate Students, who make my day brighter on a regular basis!
    Katherine Hughes, Chemistry

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