#56: SB Sunsets

Thanks for the great picture, Kate!

Ashley N. is an Information System Engineering major who thinks that “one awesome thing about Stony Brook is being able to see the whole campus at sunset from the Earth and Space Science Building with my best friend in the middle of Summer!” Kate V., an amazing staff member (health educator and peer education coordinator) also submitted Stony Brook sunsets as an awesome thing and provided us with the beautiful picture on this post. We hope this is something everyone will find the time to appreciate. Ashley also mentioned that you should, “look at that awesome telescope” at the Earth and Space Science  –  it has a telescope on the roof and hosts star viewings and lectures from time to time. There are plenty of great spots to take in the sunset on campus, but if you can get there, only a few minutes from campus are two beaches: Sandy Beach in Stony Brook Village and West Meadow Beach off of Quaker Path. Check out one of those spots and watch sun drop over the Long Island Sound.

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3 Responses to #56: SB Sunsets

  1. Kathleen Valerio says:

    Reminded of just how much sunshine came into our SBU world thanks to “Community ofAwesome” and Denise.

  2. Thank you Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That is just an awesome picture.

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