#55: Unexpected Free Lunch!

The first ever posting on the CommunityOfAwesome was Free Stuff, but today we have Danielle B. a biology major who thinks receiving a random and free boxed lunch is awesome!

No Wallet. No Money. No ID. No lunch? Not for Danielle!

“I was in the SAC today when I realized I was starving but had forgotten my wallet at home and still had two more classes left. However, there was an event going on today in one of the SAC Ballrooms in which guests were given boxed lunches. Many lunches which were left over were given out for free to those students sitting on the benches in the SAC lobby. Therefore, I happened to be given a boxed lunch, complete with a wrap, water, cookies, and chips for free coincidentally on the same day I forgot my wallet. =] Made my day.

Lots of events on campus offer free food, but don’t let that be the only reason you go to them! Clubs, organizations and departments put on great programs every day – free food is just another perk!

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