#51: A Rainbow of Umbrellas on a Rainy Day


Though today is a particularly gloomy Thursday, Sarah K., a bio major, is looking on the bright side and found something awesome brought about by the weather: “Rainy days can be a struggle especially when you have to walk to class across campus while battling puddles and wind tunnels. But something that always makes me smile on a rainy day is looking at peoples umbrellas. I feel like there is this silent nod of approval that you give to someone when you like their umbrella that just warms my heart! I love my plum colored umbrella with paisley flowers but I have seen some great umbrellas on campus this semester! Just yesterday, I saw this guy with a what seemed to be a mundane black umbrella but it surprised me when I saw that it had a print of the Sistine Chapel underneath! The only un-awesome part of rainy days is when you see someone’s umbrella losing against the wind (inverted umbrellas are not awesome). The diversity of umbrellas on campus parallels the diversity of our student body and makes a rainy day just awesome!” Love it! Thanks, Sarah, for reminding us that even on the cold, rainy, icky days that there is still awesome to be found all around!

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