#50: All of YOU!

Getting to 50 posts is seriously monumental for us – this blog is only about a month old and has truly exceeded our expectations. Thanks to all of you who have submitted people, places, events and things for recognition. It really brings us happiness to see others looking for the good in the community and taking the time to celebrate it with us!

We were also humbled by the kind submissions we received thanking us. Big hugs to all of you! One submission said, “This blog is the perfect way for the Seawolf family to remind each other why we love our school and community. When the weather starts to get cold and we all huddle in our residence halls and walk with our heads down against the wind to class, it’s nice to have a place to see that we’re all still a part of the same AWESOME community! Don’t tell me while you read this you aren’t smiling thinking ‘That is so true! I love that too!'” – thank you. This is exactly the effect we want the blog to have! We are so grateful for the support we received, seeing the blog featured on the Stony Brook home page, reaching over 1300 views – it has really been overwhelming in the best possible sense of the word.

Now – we challenge you to keep submitting, keep recognizing the awesomeness of our community and to keep the number of awesome things about Stony Brook rising! Let’s do this!!!

And, one more time, thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!! You all are AWESOME.

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2 Responses to #50: All of YOU!

  1. AwesomeDude says:

    What a nice note for someone to send you. I agree with them. This website is a great way for us to focus on an dremember all the little things and small acts that sometimes get overshadowed by things that can bring us down.

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