#44: Global Brigades, SB Chapter

From the SB Chapter’s Facebook Page

Ginny, a bio/anthropology major, thinks the SB Chapter of Global Brigades is AWESOME. She said it all for us:

“The Stony Brook chapter of Global Brigades is awesome because this year, we are sending over 100 students to Honduras and Ghana as part of Water Brigades, Medical Brigades, and Public Health Brigades.

As a returning member (and the elected Historian) of the Stony Brook Global Medical Brigades, I can say that this group represents some of the most selfless and dedicated people on campus. And what’s even crazier is the number of applicants we have to turn down every year- so many people want to help that we just don’t have space for! The amount of money, time, and energy everyone contributes to each brigade is staggering, but the results make all of that effort worth it- last year we treated over 1000 patients.

The brigades are only in their 3rd year at Stony Brook, and already we’ve had enough interest to split the Medical Brigade into two trips- one returning to Honduras, where the previous two trips were held, and the other to Ghana, so that our impact can be felt over an even wider range. The connection I’ve felt with the members of this group as well as the people living in the communities has had a profound effect on me as a person, and I think it’s really AWESOME to feel that empathy on a campus that is sometimes criticized as being too big and impersonal.”

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