#43: Bus Driver Appreciation!

NRHH Members show the bus drivers some love

Today, October 26, is National Residence Hall Honorary’s Bus Drive Appreciation Day! Students gather by the SAC Bus Loops to show bus drives how truly awesome they are. A few other awesome things in keeping with the theme of buses:

1. When you are frantically running for the bus and the bus driver waits for you!

2. The bus wraps that have recently donned our buses! Our buses have gotten some fierce new outfits lately – they are now suited up in Stony Brook swag. Look for the SB Motorsports, Earthstock, Athletics, Spirit of Stony Brook Band, Roth Regatta buses cruising around campus. Another really cool thing about the bus wraps is that when buses take students to the mall and on shopping runs, it shows the local community all of the awesome things happening on our campus.

3. Conversations with the bus driver – some students take the same bus at the same time and have built relationships with the bus driver. It may start with a polite “hello” when you get on and a “thank you” when you get off, but this exchange could turn into an AWESOME friendship.

4. When it is raining/cold/windy/snowing, buses are a warm, dry oasis that shorten the walk.

Here’s a big THANK YOU to the bus drivers who get us around campus safely, and huge shout out to NRHH for recognizing all of the hard work that Bus Drivers do!

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One Response to #43: Bus Driver Appreciation!

  1. seth_dhanraj says:

    These guys are definitely the best!!..Kudos.

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