#42: Humans vs. Zombies

a screenshot of HvZ website

Humans vs. Zombies has taken campuses all across the country by storm. Recently, Stony Brook had its own human vs. zombie war waging on campus – it just ended last Wednesday. Humans vs. Zombies has been around on our campus since Spring 2010 and has continued each semester since then. If you were on campus during the run of the game, you undoubtedly saw students armed with Nerf guns, clean socks, and clad in a pink bandanna which indicated whether they were human (worn on a player’s arm) or zombie (worn on their head or neck). Rob, a biomedical engineering major, says, “We run the biggest and most successful game in the country every semester, and pretty much every player misses it as soon as it ends. Let’s get even more people involved for the next game!” Anyone who has witnessed Humans vs. Zombies can tell the players are having an AWESOME time. Check out the Stony Brook HvZ website for more information!

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